Linaro Connect. When, were, how?

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In this series of blog posts I will tell you more about my first technical conference that I attended - Linaro Connect - Bangkok 2016.

How I ended up doing to Linaro Connect?

As I was saying in some previous blog posts, my mentor for the Outreachy program, Alex Elder, is currently working at Linaro. In some of our first meeting he confronted me with a big question: “How do you feel about flying to Thailand in march?”. I didn’t know how to react to this until he told me that me and one other Outreachy intern were given the possibility to attend the this year Linaro Connect in order to get to know our mentors and any other engineers that were participating.

What do I know at this moment?

I have the opportunity to go to Linaro Connect on Bangkok
It will be my first flight
I am going to go by myself

Hmmm.. I cannot deny that I had my concerns and I was just a bit anxious about this trip but I could not say no to this huge opportunity.

So, the next week I responded to Alex’s question with a big YES and many other questions.

That’s it for this blog post. I will continue my story in the following ones.

See you soon!

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